The Desert Passions’ charter is based on two essential values: Respect and Responsibility, closely tied together…

Respect for the cultural heritage and traditions: let’s try to understand and accept the difference without judging in order to preserve this heritage and to pass it down to the new generations. 

Respect for nature and the environment: The fauna and flora correspond to a delicate balance, particularly in the desert. Let’s try neither to disturb the animals nor to damage the plants in order to preserve this vital balance… Let’s try not to leave tracks behind us. Let’s neither waste nor contaminate water.

Respect for men: It is important to pay close attention to our attitudes and clothing in order not to shock anyone. Let’s respect the standard of living and the local purchasing power. Let’s respect the way of life, the customs… Let’s respect the children not giving them alms. If you want to offer something, try to offer a gift. Let’s be discreet without asking personal questions.

Respect of the essential human values: truth, fairness, liberty, love, nonviolence, civic-mindedness, politeness, altruism etc.


We want a shared responsibility:

  • Come and discover with us the wonderful landscapes of the Atlas mountains, the oasis’ freshness under the palm trees, the charm of the Berber villages and Kasbahs.
  • Come for a Meharee (excursion on camelback) through the desert to contemplate the immensity of the great erg and to dream with us ..
  • Come and enjoy the 4×4 in the Saharan sand.
  • Come and enjoy the lively evenings around a camp fire with a good mint tea, and savour our traditional food before spending a night in a bivouac under a nomadic tent.
  • If you have a precise idea of what you want, we will adapt the trip to your wishes (transfer from the airport, itinerary, hotels, guestroom, bivouacs, way of travel etc.) and we will establish a personal cost estimate. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • If you have no precise idea, we have planned programs which are however adjustable to your wishes.
  • What matter to us is that you return to your country with the feeling of carrying with you unforgettable memories.