Camp Savage

The savage or wild bivouac is a bivouac daily installed on a different place in the desert after the walking with the camels or even after the 4 x 4 trips.
We also carry out this kind of camp on demand of the customer to give him the opportunity to rest in a more comfortable and intimate way.


Bivouac palm grove

When you reach Mhammid after a long and tiring journey you will enjoy your night off in a relaxed way in the fix bivouac at nearly 5 km of distance from the centre of village. The camp will be there at your disposal in the midst of date palms and dunes …

you will find out how charming and exotic this spot can be, particularly if it is your first contact with the moroccon desert.

The bivouac is very comfortable, the tents give you the impression to be rooms isolated from cold and wind. The sleeping is very cosy and meals are served in a big nomad tent. You will certainly enjoy this « nomad restaurant » experience.

After a typical evening animated by young nomads you will have savoured their enchanting songs and admired a starry night as never experienced before. You won’t need any lullaby to have a good night under the tents.

Bivouac Chegaga (sea of sand)

Bivouac Chegaga is established at the foot of the huge dunes of Chegaga, at nearly one and a half hour of driving in 4 x 4 from Mhammid el Ghizlane.

After a break at the sacred oasis, the excursion will lead you to a camp of 12 tents, each tent having a capacity of 3 to 4 persons. Those tents are diposed in a circle around a camp fire, facing the Caidal tent, where Hospitaliy Tea and meals are served.

Shower and toilet area are situated a bit separated from this site, in order to preserve the environment and allowing maximum of comfort. You will certainly experience the place as charming and authentic.