Sahara Empowerment Yoga

Your Transformative Journey in the Desert


We’ve created a special retreat for you combining yoga, coaching, culture and adventures so that you’ll have a transformative experience for this year 2019.

Come join us at the desert on this 8-day experience where you’ll enjoy two daily yoga practices, experience the beauty of the Sahara desert, discover the nomadic culture of Morocco and deepen yourself with coaching exercises in groups and through introspection.

On this trip you’ll be accompanied by two professors with extensive experience: Ainània Tècul, as the leading yoga teacher and certified life coach, along with Sean Palit, also a yoga teacher.

Our morning yoga sessions will be energizing, to awaken the body with active breaths, to discover your inner strength, testing the limits that you weren’t aware about and to start your day with motivation. Our evening yoga sessions will be calmer, practicing more on the yin with muscular compensation based on the daily activities and leaving the body prepared for total recovery. In both sessions there will be pranayamas, physical practice and meditation.

But not everything will be yoga. There’s also cultural activities in which we’ll be doing desert excursion with camels, visiting the nomad families, walking through the desert dunes, as well as doing other sightseeings and immersing yourself with the desert culture. All in all, having a transformative journey throughout the retreat.

Trust our experience to guide you to the mysterious world of Morocco where you’ll discover more about yourself. We guarantee you with lots of laughs, fun and great workout for the body and mind, as well as finding your emotions.

Are you ready to be reborn in Morocco? The desert awaits you.



  • April 27 - May 4 2019

  • 8 days / 7 nights

  • For all levels: beginners, intermediates & advance


  • +9 morning and night sessions of yoga practice, meditation & workshops

  • +8 cultural activies (camel riding, visiting nomadi family, musical evening, sightseeing, and more)

  • Full board meals, mineral water, accomodation and transportation in Morocco

  • Not included: your flight tickets to Morocco, tips and personal purchases, yoga mats.


*Schedule may change due to seasonal circumstances. Please check with us for confirmed dates and events

*Schedule may change due to seasonal circumstances. Please check with us for confirmed dates and events

Top 5 Reasons to Join Our Retreat

1. You’ll practice yoga on a daily basis and twice a day at most times, which will help you progress with yoga and see the positive effects it has towards you.

2. You'll get a new perspective about life from experiencing a new, exciting world and culture in Morocco. A great way to grow out of your comfort zone and learn.

3. You'll meditate, relax, de-stress and be mindful as you experience the desert life. You’ll be disconnected from your phone, social media, wifi, and rather be present in the moment.

4. You'll eat healthy and delicious moroccan meals 3 times per day that will be prepared for you inclusively throughout your yoga journey.

5. Because you deserve it! You work hard for a reason and now it's your chance to treat yourself with 8 days to recharge, re-energize and refresh your life for a happier, healthier, stronger and more mindful YOU.

Map & Routes


Your journey will begin in the bustling city of Marrakech, passing through several prominent cities like Aït Benhaddou, Ouarzazate, the last village-oasis of the Draa valley called Mhamid and ultimately arriving at the bivouac (nomadic camps) where you will be sleeping under the tent (or if you wish, under the stars) in the quiet nights of the Saharan desert. This will be a total of 8 hour ride where we will firstly go with a private mini bus and switching to a 4x4 to pass through the desert. Through the journey you will make several stops to visit historical and cultural sites. During the last 3 days you will head back through the same route and enjoy your last stay experiencing the vibrant city of Marrakech.

Day 1: Arrive at the airport around 9am. From Marrakech we go straight to Ait Benhaddou or Ouarzazate with our private minibus.
Day 2: From Ait Benhaddou or Ouarzazate we go to Mhamid and then further towards the desert with a 4x4.
Day 3-5: We enjoy our time at the desert
Day 6: We head back to Mhamid and then to Ait Benhaddou or Ouarzazate to spend the night
Day 7: We go back to Marrakech to spend our last half of the day there
Day 8: Go to airport around 9am to fly back to Barcelona


During the retreat, we will be staying in a hotel for 2 days and the rest of the days it will be in a Bivouac i.e. the desert camps. Each tent having a capacity of 3 to 4 persons. Those tents are disposed in a circle around a campfire, facing the Caidal tent, where Hospitality Tea and meals are served.

Shower and toilet area are situated a bit separated from this site, in order to preserve the environment and allowing maximum of comfort. You will certainly experience the place as charming and authentic.



Please inquire through the contact form below for prices and more information.

Meet Your Yoga Teachers

Ainània Tècul


Ainània was born in Costa Brava, Catalunya and it’s no wonder that her classes are filled with the energy of the wind and serenity of the countryside; it’s in her blood. Certified by Yoga Alliance with the 500-hour teacher training, her curiosity keeps her in constant training and leading to achieve certifications also for YTT Dharma Yoga Wheel, YTT SupYoga and YTT Yoga for Athletes.

Her extensive training experience and qualification of the second level of Professional Coach ACTP have led her to create her own style of yoga: Urban Yoga in addition to her Stand Up Paddle Yoga school.

She lives yoga not as a sport but as a lifestyle, and incorporates it in a cosmopolitan way. Ainània says “with our routine and daily stress we have created a need for introspection, but we are urban, we do not live in a community like in India, and we must adapt to the discipline of yoga to our current world. This is urban yoga, to create such a discipline for your way of living without neglecting your day to day. Let’s evolve and feel our progression by having a more flexible mind through a more flexible body”

SEan palit


Sean started his yoga journey when he joined YOGABODY 6 years ago as a marketer. At that time, he thought yoga was only for the already flexible people and it didn't seem too challenging enough. Of course, he was far from the truth on this. You don’t need to do the splits or put your legs over your head to show that you’re good at yoga. And yes, yoga is very challenging to the point where you will sweat and get a full on workout for your body as well as for your mind. He learned that yoga is all about progressing at your own pace without any judgement towards yourself. Soon after experiencing the benefits of yoga, Sean became fully dedicated in incorporating yoga to his busy life. 

Never had he imagined that yoga would have transformed his way of life. So he decided to become a yoga teacher to share these benefits and supporting others on their personal development through yoga. Sean has been teaching yoga in his previous yoga retreat, private classes as well as at YOGABODY studios in Barcelona and finished his yoga teacher training at the end of 2018. His goal is to offer yoga retreats that are more than just for stretching, relaxation and meditation, but an experience where you are challenged physically and mentally while at the same time experiencing new cultures and adventures for personal growth.

Ready to be empowered through practicing yoga, exploring the Sahara desert and nomadic culture?

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